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What is a P2P transfer ?

P2P transfer translates to "Peer to Peer transfer". It's a way to transfer money from one of own customer to another one. This method of transfer exists to avoid processing by the banking network since both customer have their bank account in the same bank.

Advantages of P2P transfers

Making a P2P instead of a classic Sepa Credit Transfer (SCT) has several pros :

  • The transfer is made immediatly. No banking network delays.
  • The transfer is free. No banking network means no fees.

The only condition is to have both the payer and the payee registered on your platform.


Different options of P2P can be used when issued by the partner for example in case of billing : no account limitation verification, this option may create a customer debt if the balance is not sufficient.


Within our P2P API you will be able to transfer money immediatly to another customer or to your commission account.

More information regarding this endpoint in the API reference.