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What is X-Pay?

X-Pay allows your customers to pay instantly using their smartphone. They can make fast, secure purchases in stores, apps, online. Wherever they see these symbols:

Wallet enrollment flows

Two flows are employed for X-Pay enrollment:

Flow 1: Enrollment starts from X-Pay wallet

This flow is also known as In-App Verification.

  1. Scan or enter card details
  2. Accept Terms & Conditions
  3. Strong authentication with the partner app

This last step is skipped if X-Pay provider trusts the end-user (Green path).

Flow 2: Enrollment starts from partner app

This flow is also known as In-App Provisionning or Push Provisionning.

  1. Open the partner app
  2. Go to card management section
  3. Click on "Add to Apple Wallet", "Add to Google Wallet" or "Add to Samsung Wallet"
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions

Xpollens functional coverage

Xpollens supports the following enrollment flows:

X-Pay providerEnrollment from X-Pay wallet
(also known as In-App Verification)
Enrollment from partner app
(also known as In-App Provisionning
or Push Provisionning)
Apple Pay✔️Supported✔️Supported
Google Wallet✔️Supported⌛ Coming soon
(scheduled: end of 2023)
Samsung Wallet✔️Supported❌Not supported

Xpollens does not support other X-Pay providers such as Garmin Pay, FitBit, Alipay, WeChat.