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Wallet enrolment#

There are 2 methods to add your card to a wallet :

  • inapp verification method (update of SMS OTP journey)
  • inapp provisioning method

The first is the usual method which consists in :

  • iOS (for Apple Pay)
  • app Samsung Pay
  • app Google Pay (coming soon)
  • app Garmin Pay (coming soon)

The cardholder starts enrolment by entering his card informations and then he valids/confirms into his mobile app with a SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

The second, mandatory for any wallet provider, it's a method without entering your informations card. It's strongly recommended for virtual cards. It consists to start in your app (with SCA) with only button click by provisioning data cards then to valid Terms and Conditions and to finish in your app.

Confirm your card#

You start your enrolment since wallet provider...

... and you confirm into your app

CALLBACK type 25#

"id" :                  "long",     internal Id,                    example "637588383208269600""reference" :           "String",   cardExternalRef (appCardId),    example "QA_qual29_CP"  "secureElementId" :     "String",   deviceID,                       example "44125A3342A80014272043036932204E3F73BB08847E90B""type" :                "Integer",                                  value   "25"    "tokenValue" :          "String",   token,                          example "4642353030549437"  "tokenReferenceID" :    "String",   Unique ID for token,            example "DNITHE382003555876588856"  "tokenRequestorID" :    "String",   ID assigned,                    example "40010030273"   "status" :              "String",   token's status,                 example "A" "messageReasonCode" :   "String",   steps of TLCM,                  example "1400"


{"tokenReferenceID": "string",         Max 50 char example "DNITHE382003555876588856", [REQUIRED]"tokenRequestorID": "string",         Max 11 char example "40010030273",              [REQUIRED]}


Add your card in-app#

In your mobile app, you can add a card to wallet

SDK for provisioning#

More information regarding the specifications in our SDK


Before display the button "Add to wallet", you have to verify if this card is not already present in wallet and if the phone or OS is compatible.

About token#

Here is token life cycle (TLC). Your token has a own life but it is linked to his card too. So Card Life Cycle (CLC) act on the TLC.

Token details#

In order to obtain the token details for a specific token.


{"tokenValue": "string",                     Max 32 char example "4642353030722754",}


{"cardExternalRef": "string",               Max 50 char example "GOLDCARDCONSUMER", [=appCardId]    "tokens":      {      "tokenValue": "string",               Max 32 char example "4642353030722754",      "tokenReferenceId": "string",         Max 50 char example "DNITHE382003555876588856",      "tokenRequestorId": "string",         Max 11 char example "40010030273",      "tokenExpiryDate": "string",          Max 07 char example "11-2023",      "tokenState": "string",               Max 11 char example "ACTIVATED",      "tokenType": "string",                Max 14 char example "SECURE_ELEMENT",      "tokenDeactivationDate": "DateTime",              example "2020-12-10T08:20:29.7441719",      "tokenUpdateDate": "DateTime",                    example "2020-12-28T16:54:50.6544932",      "deviceInformation":       {        "secureElementId": "string",        Max 50 char example "044125A3342A80014272043036932204E3F73BB08847E90B",        "deviceType": "string",             Max 50 char example "02",        "deviceNumber": "string",           Max 50 char example "33660710408",      }     }}
  • tokenValue : Value of a token.
  • tokenReferenceId : Unique ID for the token associated with the PAN.
  • tokenRequestorId : ID assigned to the Initiator of the token Request.
  • tokenExpiryDate : Expiration date assigned for the token
  • tokenState : state example ACTIVATED or SUSPENDED
  • tokenType : Valid Token Types like SECURE_ELEMENT
  • tokenDeactivationDate : Token deactivation date
  • tokenUpdateDate : Date of token update
  • secureElementId : Represents the device ID
  • deviceType : Type of device like : MobilePhone or Tablet or Watch
  • deviceNumber : This will be the full mobile number

Token's list of a card#

In order to retrieve the list of tokens for a specific card. data in response are the same of token's details


{"cardExternalRef": "string",         Max 50 char example "GOLDCARDCONSUMER", [=appCardId]}


[        {            "tokenValue": "4642353030722754",            "tokenReferenceId": "DNITHE382003555876588856",            "tokenRequestorId": "40010030273",            "tokenExpiryDate": "11-2023",            "tokenState": "ACTIVATED",            "tokenType": "SECURE_ELEMENT",            "tokenDeactivationDate": null,            "tokenUpdateDate": "2020-12-28T16:54:50.6544932",            "deviceInformation": {                "secureElementId": null,                "deviceType": null,                "deviceNumber": null            }        },        {            "tokenValue": "4642353030898951",            "tokenReferenceId": "DNITHE382003555876588857",            "tokenRequestorId": "40010030273",            "tokenExpiryDate": "10-2023",            "tokenState": "INACTIVE",            "tokenType": "SECURE_ELEMENT",            "tokenDeactivationDate": null,            "tokenUpdateDate": "2020-12-28T16:56:46.0778228",            "deviceInformation": {                "secureElementId": null,                "deviceType": null,                "deviceNumber": null            }        },