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Virtual IBAN

A Virtual Iban (VIBAN) is a secondary account identifier. It follows all rules of IBAN definition and has the same caracteristics than your IBAN (country code, bank code, branch code). The VIBAN is linked to your account identified by its IBAN and can be used to receive SEPA or Instant Payment from an external that will credit your account. The VIBAN can be used to mask and securize the original account IBAN (your creditor do not know your IBAN) or to identify the payment issuer or a payment.

In its first version, the Xpollens VIBAN feature will allow the creation of VIBANs, reception of funds through a VIBAN and identification of the operations received through a VIBAN.

Once you have an account and its IBAN, you can create as many VIBANs as you like. You can then supply dedicated VIBAN to your stakeholders and letter easily their incoming payment in finding VIBAN into the operations details.

The VIBAN is an additional identifier for your account. Incoming payment will credit your account balance: there is no balance associated to VIBANs but you can list the payment received on your VIBAN.

Virtual Iban creation and usage#

As a product or service supplier, you can letter your client payment by supplying a VIBAN to each of your customer or for each payment. You will be soon able to parameter your VIBAN : activate/deactivate (payment will be agreed or rejected), associate an IBAN of the issuer (if you receive payment from another, payment will be rejected),... please contact us for more information on our roadmap.


You must use the Virtual Iban API to generate one or to retrieve the account information and then the operations detail API to know who sends you a payment.

Obtain a VIBAN and its ID by using the following End Point :

Retrieve the account informations of a defined VIBAN ID.

Soon, an API to get the operations received on a particular VIBAN ID.

To know who sends you a payment and why, the VIBAN ID is available into the SEPA and Instant Payment operation details :

For instant Payment :

For SEPA transfer :