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Debt Management

Client debt#

In some cases of transaction, the account balance might not be sufficient, for example when an offline Card transaction or a payin contestation (money might be spent...). We propose a debt management mechanism to ensure payment of this kind of operation.

The mechanism is based on automated P2P (see here) that creates debt on the customer account and the ability for the Client to recover the missing amount. Debt could be created following many operation types : an Offline Card operation, a P2P billing, a contestation after a Card Top Up, after a SCT IN recall, an ATM withdrawal in currency.

Here is the example of an ATM withdrawal with FX Change :

Even if it is a rare occurence, you, as client, will have to cover and recover your client debt.


Within our debt API you will be able to manage your client debt follow-up and recovery.

To retrieve the customer debt :

Once you recover modify the customer debt :

  • The remaining amount :
  • The remaining status :

More information regarding this endpoint in the API reference