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Debt Management

Client debts

In some transactions, the account balance might go negative; for example when an offline card transaction or a payin contestation (money might be spent...). We offer a debt management mechanism to ensure payment of this kind of operation.


The mechanism is based on an automated P2P (see here) that creates a debt on the customer account and the ability for the client to recover the missing amount. Debt can be created following many operation types : an offline card operation, a P2P billing, a contestation after a card top-up, after a SCT IN recall or an ATM withdrawal.

Here is an example of an ATM withdrawal with FX Change :


Even if it is a rare occurence, you, as partner, will have to cover and recover your client debt.


With our debt API, you will be able to manage your client debt follow-up and recovery.

To retrieve the customer debt :

Once you recover modify the customer debt :

  • The remaining amount :
  • The remaining status :

More information regarding this endpoint in the API reference